China is also looking into the possibility of a double-header

07-06-2020 08:39
China is also looking into the possibility of a double-header

Last week the provisional calendar of the F1 season in 2020 was announced. It showed that there will be two races on the circuits of Spielberg and Silverstone. In response there are several circuits from all over the world that have indicated that they can also organize two Grands Prix. According to The Race even China has indicated to be interested in a double Grand Prix.

In 2020, Formula 1 aims for a season with a minimum of fifteen races, due to contractual requirements with TV channels. According to The Race, F1 wants to pay half of the costs if a second Grand Prix can be organised. Besides China, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Sochi are also interested in organising a double Grand Prix.

A lot of doubt about other Grands Prix

In other countries there are many doubts about the continuation of the Grand Prix. In Brazil and Mexico the coronavirus is still growing in numbers, while in Japan ticket sales are still delayed. Also in Austin there are still doubts, since the current measures around the coronavirus do not allow a Grand Prix to be organized.

So for now there are eight Grands Prix on the calendar, which will all be organised in Europe. Where the F1 will go after that is so far unclear. FOM can choose to organize races on other European circuits, such as Hockenheim or Imola. FOM can also choose to go to the east, to Asia, to race there. In any case, there are enough circuits that are ready to organize a Grand Prix.

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