Toto Wolff accepts aerodynamics handicap for top teams

06-06-2020 17:21 | Updated: 06-06-2020 20:52
Toto Wolff accepts aerodynamics handicap for top teams

Formula 1 currently has a large gap between the top teams and midfield. Liberty Media wants to make that gap smaller, so a lot will change with the new regulations. Toto Wolff admits that he accepts the current changes.

For a long time there has been talk about reversed grids, where the teams that finish at the front have to start at the back of the next race. For the top teams, that change is just not going to happen, with Mercedes as the biggest opponent of the plan.

Toto Wolff doesn't think that kind of change fits in with Formula 1. "I'm a fan of the meritocracy that reigns in F1, the best man and the best machine wins. That is as it has always worked, not gimmicky things as in other sports, where the show people have introduced changes that have diluted the sport", argued the team boss in conversation with Autosport.

Crawling back to the top

Nevertheless, the Austrian can accept the Aerodynamic Testing Restrictions that will take effect with the new regulations. The rule means that teams that finish at the top will have less time to test their aerodynamics compared to teams that finish at the bottom. "What this introduces is the possibility for lower ranked teams to slowly but surely crawl back to the leading teams when it comes to technical developments".

"They're small percentages every year, so it won't make a big difference one year or the other. But it will balance the field after a few years." According to Wolff, even a team like Mercedes could benefit if they fell back in the standings. "I think this is a proper little adjustment, not like a baseball bat. That would have been reversed grids."

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