Binotto confessed: "That's why we didn't offer him a one-year contract"

06-06-2020 11:33
by Editorial Team
Binotto confessed: That's why we didn't offer him a one-year contract

Carlos Sainz has already announced that he is not going to Ferrari to be second driver there. The Spaniard wants to go for victories and the Championship. His new team boss, Mattia Binotto, thinks Sainz has it in him to become champion.

Title Chances of Sainz

"If Sainz is a candidate for the title in 2021? I think that the first year is more difficult because he still has to get to know the car and the team", says Binotto to Marca. "That's also why we didn't offer him a one year contract. But I'm sure that he's very fast and can become world champion in the end."

Binotto also let it be known that the goal of the team is to take the title for the teams with the two young drivers. "We would be happy if he [Carlos Sainz, ed.] participates at the highest level, like Charles [Leclerc], and Ferrari helps to achieve the global goal of the constructors title."

Smooth cooperation

Binotto does not expect difficult moments between Sainz and Leclerc. "Everything will go smoothly and if those moments are there, it's my job. But you have to be positive, Charles becomes stronger and the more time passes, the more he understands the importance of participating in Ferrari."

When asked if Ferrari also goes for a system with a number one and a number two driver, Binotto answers that this is not the case. "The first thing is to have two good drivers, team spirit is important. You have to make sure that Ferrari comes first. And I think that on the track you will see who is number one and number two, it has always been like that."

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