Sainz hasn't finished: ''They'll tell me everything because I can help''

03-06-2020 08:49
Sainz hasn't finished: ''They'll tell me everything because I can help''

Most people have the idea that Carlos Sainz is attracted to Ferrari as second man. Charles Leclerc has a long-term contract and the right people around him within Ferrari, but Sainz thinks differently.

No number two

"I didn't sign anything that makes me a number two driver at Ferrari. Of course it says in the contract that the interest of the team is above that of the driver, but that's what it says in every contract in Formula 1. However, there is nothing in it about a role as second driver," says Sainz in conversation with Radio Marca.

Most success teams in Formula 1 therefore consist of a clear number one and two. The number one is the driver who can win the world title and the number two provides enough points to win the world title for the team. Two number one drivers get in each other's way, but Sainz has confidence in his own abilities.

Help at McLaren

''I'll do anything for Ferrari and I'll do everything I can to win. If there is a difficult situation, I will always try to make the right decision", says Sainz who is not worried about the situation at McLaren in 2020. ''They will tell me everything because I can still help them very well.''

''I asked them specifically, because I want McLaren back on stage as soon as possible. I helped them the last time on that podium and can do so this year'', concludes Sainz who was on the podium in 2019 after the Grand Prix of Brazil, although he had to wait long for the penalty of Lewis Hamilton.

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