Alesi about Vettel: "He gave everything to become champion and failed"

06-06-2020 11:09
Alesi about Vettel: He gave everything to become champion and failed

Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of 2020 as a driver. Where the German will continue his journey is still unknown. According to Jean Alesi, something was wrong between Ferrari and Vettel.

Unlike Schumacher

Former Ferrari driver Jean Alesi does not expect Vettel to become world champion in his final year with the Scuderia. "I have a lot of respect for Sebastian", says Alesi to Sky. Alesi is really clear about the period of Vettel in the red of Ferrari: "He gave everything to become world champion with Ferrari - and failed."

"But he didn't fail because it was his fault or the team's fault. Something didn't fit", says Alesi. "There was definitely something that didn't go the way it was supposed to. For example, when Michael took my place at Ferrari, he came with a complete technical team [of Benetton]."

Lack of technical team

According to Alesi, Vettel arrived at Ferrari in a completely different situation, because for example he could not take Adrian Newey from Red Bull Racing to Maranello. Alesi thinks that this may have been the difference that made Vettel never become world champion with Ferrari.

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