What is the next step for Vettel? "He's too young for a pension''

06-06-2020 09:51
by GPblog.com
What is the next step for Vettel? He's too young for a pension''

The departure of Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari did not come as a huge surprise, although the timing was different. Even before the start of the season in 2020, Vettel knows that he will not be driving at Ferrari in 2021.

What is the next step

With Carlos Sainz as successor and Daniel Ricciardo making the transition to McLaren, there are not many spots left for Vettel in 2021. It is questionable at all whether the German can stay in Formula 1, but perhaps even more so if he wants to.

''I have no idea where he's going, but I don't see him driving for a team in the middle. He has fought for podiums and victories for years. Even at Toro Rosso he won a race, so I don't see him joining Renault, for example," says former teammate Mark Webber in the podcast At The Controls.

Sabbatical for Vettel

According to Webber, Vettel had a hard time during his period at Ferrari. "You can see he looks a lot older now than he actually is. I don't think he gets into that red car in the morning and that's a problem for an athlete. Sebastian did his best to become world champion with Ferrari, but he didn't'', says Webber. Yet Vettel is still very young to retire already.

''He's still very young to retire, but on the other hand he also started very early, so I don't like it when he retires. I hope not though. Maybe he'll take a year off to recharge the battery and then he'll come back'', Webber concludes.

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