No new update on Schumacher state: "Don't say anything about this"

05-06-2020 06:57 | Updated: 05-06-2020 07:23
No new update on Schumacher state: Don't say anything about this

For the time being, we don't need to expect a new update on the status of Michael Schumacher. Indeed, Ralf Schumacher has once again made it clear that the family has decided not to say anything about this subject to the media.

Schumacher won seven world titles and 91 Grands Prix, but in 2013 he suffered serious brain damage in a major skiing accident at the end of 2013. The German is now 51 years old, but his condition is unknown.

Similarity with the whole family

Ralf, Michael's younger brother, now reiterates that this will not be known for the time being. "My family and I have agreed not to say anything about this", said the former Formula 1 driver in conversation with Kolner Express.

In the coming years we may see new Schumachers entering the royal class of motorsport. Michael's son Mick is getting ready for a new season in Formula 2 and appears to be a contender for a seat at Alfa Romeo Racing in 2021. Ralf's son David is now driving in Formula 3 and recently made his debut in the official Formula 1 sim racing competition.

Schumachers could laugh about it

The name Schumacher still has a great appeal. The German broadcaster RTL then also headed: 'Schumacher is back in Formula 1'. "That sounded funny and we all laughed about it. I think it's great fun and it's not easy for the guys who do it, but it's still a game", concluded Ralf Schumacher.

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