Possibly a double race in Sochi

04-06-2020 14:16
by GPblog.com
Possibly a double race in Sochi

The Formula 1 presented a part of the provisional calendar on Tuesday and the goal is to have the rest ready before the end of June. But with the pandemic not yet contained worldwide, it is and remains difficult to be really definitive. That is why it is important to have a backup plan, which consists of a double race in Sochi and also Hockenheim is not out of the picture yet.

Two races

The first eight races have two double races on the same circuits, so Formula 1 starts in Austria with two races in a row and later a double race follows at Silverstone. The goal is to organize at least fifteen races and with the first eight races are filling half of the intended calendar.

Two races in Russia would help of course and based on rumours Motorsport.com inquired with the promoter. He confirmed that they are looking at several races: "At the moment we are working with our colleagues from Formula 1 on several options for the Russian Grand Prix. This applies to both the format and the number of races."

"If necessary, we do not rule out the possibility of organizing two races. Sochi has a modern infrastructure that our partners appreciate very much. The organization is ready to organize several race weekends." About Hockenheim, Motorsport.com lets you know from their own sources that the circuit is ready as a backup.


The reason that Formula 1 wants to fill the calendar to a minimum of fifteen races is in the finances. Only at that number of races are TV stations contractually obliged to transfer the full amount and this will partly end up with the teams. Since some teams are in financial difficulties, it is also in their interest that as many races as possible will be driven this year.

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