Auto, Motor und Sport: 'Formula 1 has different plans for the calendar'

04-06-2020 10:53
Auto, Motor und Sport: 'Formula 1 has different plans for the calendar'

With the first eight races on the calendar, Formula 1 can start, but the big question remains what will happen next? Eight races is enough to meet the requirements of the championship, but it also has to be driven on three continents.

By in Europe

With a minimum of fifteen races in mind, Formula 1 still has work to do. After the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, seven more races have to be driven and at least two other continents have to be visited. Auto, Motor und Sport claims to have the information about the sequel.

There are three candidates for two more races in Europe: Hockenheim, Imola and Mugello. With Monza already on the calendar, it doesn't seem desirable that Imola and Mugello appear on the calendar, so there is a good chance of a return to the German Grand Prix. After that, however, the problem follows.

The Middle East is not a problem. Bahrain would like to organize two races and Abu Dhabi still wants to have the final race, which adds three races and one continent to the calendar. But then there is a gap in the calendar and that needs to be filled with a number of races. However, many are already falling off.

The dropouts

According to AMuS, Singapore, Azerbaijan and Japan are dropping out. The first two cannot organize the race without fans and Japan will not allow travelers until March 2021. Also Vietnam doesn't seem to appear on the calendar until 2021, since there is not much to get for Hanoi without an audience in the centre of the city.

Formula 1 would now be engaged in a double race in Russia. Russia has been hit hard by the coronavirus, but mainly in Moscow. Sochi is less affected in that respect and besides that the circuit is largely remote. So this would make it easier to organize a race without an audience.

Problems in Austin

However, visiting the third continent is the biggest problem. Mexico and Brazil suffer enormously from the coronavirus and seem unable to organize a race that is safe enough. America has shown that with IndyCar and NASCAR it can hold races behind closed doors again, but the circuit in Austin is the problem.

For example, IndyCar has already taken the race in Texas off the calendar because the circuit is in big financial trouble. No event seems to be able to take place there for the time being. According to Auto, Motor und Sport the Speedway of Indianapolis would be an option for Formula 1. In the past F1 raced there and the circuit is still in use for the IndyCar, for the famous Indy 500.

A calendar with fifteen races and weekends on three different continents is certainly possible, but behind the scenes a lot of puzzle pieces have to be put in the right place. Whether Formula 1 will be able to present this entire calendar at the end of June is therefore doubtful.

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