Father Hamilton: "I'd rather not see my son racing during the corona crisis"

03-06-2020 18:06
by GPblog.com
Father Hamilton: I'd rather not see my son racing during the corona crisis

Although Formula 1 is about to start again, not everyone seems to agree with that decision yet. Although the signals seem to be that all events can proceed safely, the coronavirus still prevails and the risk of infection still exists. Lewis Hamilton had already indicated in Australia that he would rather not race, and now it is his father who indicates that it is a strange decision to start racing now.

In an interview with ITV, Hamilton's father, Anthony Hamilton, explains that it is a risky decision: "We should have had the patience and respect to wait until there are no new infections, so that people in care can also enjoy Formula 1. I understand that they want to go back to normal as soon as possible, but that should be as safe as possible".

Don't cheer for son

Hamilton continues: "Of course I also see that the numbers around the coronavirus are getting better every day, but that doesn't mean we won the battle. It is still clearly present in society, so where does that urge to race come from? Motorsport is a global sport with a community from all over the world."

"By racing now, you're sending out the wrong signals," expects Hamilton's father. "I'd hate to have to watch Lewis party on stage while thousands of people are dying of a virus. I wouldn't want to watch TV or cheer for my son", concludes Hamilton.

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