Good news: 'Mexico confirms Grand Prix in November'

02-06-2020 16:32 | Updated: 02-06-2020 16:43
by Editorial Team
Good news: 'Mexico confirms Grand Prix in November'

After the announcement of the first eight races of the calendar on Tuesday, there will now be an announcement that the Grand Prix of Mexico will take place at the end of October.

Promoter of the Mexican Grand Prix Heineken would have brought out this news. It would have been the first race outside Europe to be definitively on the new calender. The dates for the race in the king's class of motorsport would remain on the date that had been planned earlier, namely from 30 October until 1 November.

The Formula 1 calendar is starting to take shape after it was announced on Tuesday that the first eight races will be held in Europe, with two races being organized in Austria and England.

It is still unclear whether the race in Mexico will be held with an audience. Because of the corona virus, the races in Europe will be held without an audience, or only a very small part. It is more likely that later in the year there will be an audience.

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