"Formula 1 teams are worried about lack of parts for first races'

02-06-2020 07:55 | Updated: 02-06-2020 10:28
by Editorial Team
Formula 1 teams are worried about lack of parts for first races'

It is expected that the European Formula 1 calendar for 2020 will soon be presented by Formula 1, but there are already teams that have concerns prior to that calendar. With many races in a short period of time, there are also risks.

The new F1 calendar

Despite the fact that the calendar has not yet been officially presented, everyone knows almost for sure what the calendar will look like. The F1 season will start with two consecutive races in Austria and then directly to Hungary. A one-week break will follow with a double-header in Great Britain and a single race in Spain.

Spain will be followed by another break of a week with the races already planned for those dates: Belgium and Italy. However, the problem is with the first six races. Formula 1 has never driven six races in seven weeks and that is a tough challenge. According to sources from Racefans.net, teams started to ask questions about this.

The nasty kerbs

According to the source, teams are worried that they don't have enough spare parts to repair all the damage. A lot can happen in six races, especially if Formula 1 goes ahead with the plan to include qualifying in a race format. The teams also didn't have time to make extra parts due to the long break, prior to the race in Austria.

Besides the normal damage, the teams are also extra worried about the Red Bull Ring. The kerbs can sometimes cause a lot of damage there and two to maybe three races on that circuit can have a big impact on teams with too few parts. Despite concerns from several teams, Racefans.net also managed to get in touch with a team that assumes they can produce enough parts, even if the qualifying format is changed.

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