Red Bull knows why Mercedes is against sprint races

01-06-2020 18:24
Red Bull knows why Mercedes is against sprint races

Last week it was revealed that Formula 1 is considering experimenting with reversed grid sprint racing during the Grands Prix of Austria and Great Britain. Nine teams agree with Liberty Media's proposal, but Christian Horner revealed on Monday that for the time being Mercedes is the race stable that is still struggling.

In conversation with Sky Sports, the team boss of Red Bull Racing announces that it is Toto Wolff who has yet to be persuaded. "[The proposal] seemed to get overwhelming support. The only person that wasn't particularly supportive of it was Toto," he told the British medium.

The Austrian chief of Mercedes wants to emulate Michael Schumacher with Lewis Hamilton in 2020 and an experiment like this doesn't fit in with that. "It's because he thought it would interfere with Lewis' seventh world championship campaign, and it would be too much of a variable," said Horner.

Horner wants to try it

The team boss of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon doesn't think it's such a crazy idea at all. "I think the prospect of drivers having to race through the field on the Sunday for the feature race, having to start from the back of the grid based on championship position, I think would be something really entertaining for the fans, something positive for Formula 1 and something we really shouldn't be afraid of trying," Horner concluded.

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