Verstappen warns competition: "Best season in F1 yet to come"

01-06-2020 17:54
Verstappen warns competition: Best season in F1 yet to come

Max Verstappen is of the opinion that in principle he can last for many years in Formula 1, provided he continues to take good care of his body. Furthermore, the Red Bull Racing driver states that his career wouldn't necessarily be worth nothing if he never managed to win a world championship in the pinnacle of motorsport.

"If you continue to take good care of yourself, you can still participate at the age of forty", lets Verstappen know in conversation with clothing brand G-Star. The 22-year old driver managed to win eight Grands Prix during five seasons in Formula 1, but the Dutchman goes for nothing less than the world title.

Verstappen himself has indicated several times that he is ready to challenge Lewis Hamilton for the world championship, but a lot will depend on how competitive the RB16 will be in 2020. If the coming season doesn't work out, Verstappen still has many years ahead of him. But does he necessarily need a world title to give value to his career?

Best season of Verstappen is still to come

"I don't think my career would be worth nothing if I never took a world title, but you need a good car to win," he explains. "Of course I want to be world champion this year, but I have no idea if I can do that. My best season in Formula 1 is yet to come".

There have only been six days of testing during the winter tests and all Formula 1 work has been at a standstill for several months now. It is going to be a big surprise who is going to show the best during the first Grand Prix of the year. "Only on that basis we don't know exactly where we stand", Verstappen concludes.

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