Rich Energy kicking Williams when they're down

Rich Energy kicking Williams when they're down

31-05-2020 13:16

Last year, Rich Energy regularly made the news with overdue payments to Haas or with strange statements on Twitter. However, anyone who thought that we were now rid of this strange company is wrong. This time with a curious report about the upcoming sale of Williams.

Before Rich Energy became the main sponsor of the Haas team in 2019, they have also been in contact for a possible collaboration with Williams. In fact, according to Rich Energy, the negotiations had already reached the point where the company's name was already on the car at a presentation at the factory. However, this deal bounced off at the last minute.

The company provides evidence for this claim with a photo of the Williams in the livery of 2019, where the Rich Energy logos can be seen on the spot where later ROKit stood. With Rich Energy you never know, but the photos seem to be authentic.

'Troll' William Storey

Innocent, you'd say, until you read the caption. "The proposed Rich Energy Williams Racing car at Williams Racing headquarters. A great team that, with the right management and the right investment, can get back on the podium in Formula 1".

Coming from a company that has made the Haas team structurally negative in the news, this is very strong. Rich Energy CEO William Storey even went so far as to say a few days ago: "Profligacy, a lack of focus on car development, poor decisions on personnel & badly advised business strategy can be blamed for this".

We don't have to worry that Rich Energy is a serious candidate to join Williams as an investor now. The company is now known for their bold tweets to generate attention, and they have succeeded in doing so again.

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