Alonso wins again in Legends Trophy; Button champion

30-05-2020 19:17 | Updated: 30-05-2020 22:44
Alonso wins again in Legends Trophy; Button champion

For the second consecutive week Fernando Alonso shows that he is an exceptional driver, also in the virtual world. Without having raced the car before, he leaves the entire field of the Legends Trophy of The Race behind him at the Silverstone circuit. Button was once again his closest rival.

Last week Alonso and Button fought for inches at the Indianapolis Brickyard and this week the two world champions were again the best of the field, although it was a little less exciting at the front. Alonso had the upper hand throughout the race and could even afford an excursion through the grass.

So those are three victories out of three races for Alonso, who had missed the first half of the championship. Button did participate from the start and got enough points to crown himself champion one race before the end. Jan Magnussen struggles with Emanuele Pirro for second place in the championship.

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