Vietnamese organizers still looking for new date for GP

Vietnamese organizers still looking for new date for GP

29-05-2020 14:37

For the 2020 season there were two Grands Prix that were new on the calendar. Vietnam and the Netherlands were supposed to organize a race, both in the beginning of the season. Due to the corona virus both races were postponed and Zandvoort has already decided that there will be no Dutch Grand Prix this year. Nevertheless the Vietnamese organizer keeps hope for a Grand Prix.

Originally the Vietnamese Grand Prix would be held in April, but by cancelling the Australian Grand Prix and postponing the Bahraini and Chinese Grands Prix it soon became clear that they had to look for a new date in Vietnam as well. Initially they indicated that they could confirm a new date within one to two months, but that deadline has already passed.

Other street circuits cancelled

However, RaceFans is able to report that the organizer is still looking for a new place on the calendar and that negotiations with Formula 1 are still ongoing. It will be a logistical challenge to still organize a Grand Prix in Vietnam, as everything has to be built up to be able to race on the street circuit.

Australia and Monaco, both of which are also a street circuit, have already cancelled the Grand Prix completely. Another street circuit, Singapore, has indicated that they only want to race with spectators on the original date. So it looks like the street circuits will not go on this year, partly because of the logistical difficulties it entails.

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