Mercedes responds as well: "Speculations about leaving F1 are unfounded"

29-05-2020 07:13
by Editorial Team
Mercedes responds as well: Speculations about leaving F1 are unfounded

After its parent company Daimler, Mercedes itself also reacted to the rumours that will be hurled into the world on Thursday. According to the German team a sale is out of the question and can be admired in Formula 1 for the time being. According to Mercedes, Toto Wolff will be involved anyway, but it has not yet been confirmed in what role that will be.

That's somewhat special, because Daimler has come out with an announcement that Wolff will stay on in the same position, as that team boss.

Rumors based on nothing

A statement by Mercedes states: "Speculation about a possible withdrawal (of Mercedes) from Formula 1 remains unfounded and irresponsible. Our sport has taken the right steps to deal with the consequences of COVID-19 by ensuring future financial sustainability, an important step that we applauded. It is our clear intention to continue driving as a Mercedes in Formula 1 in the coming years, together with our managing partner Wolff".

The 48-year-old Austrian has spoken out in the past that his role at Mercedes may change from 2021 onwards and that he will probably not be present at all the Grands Prix of a season. It remains to be seen whether or not he will be team boss.

Mercedes coming years in F1

With this message the world champion takes away any doubts about the future of the racing stable in the pinnacle of motorsport. This also seems to make it clear that a sale of the team to Lawrence Stroll will not be discussed for the time being.

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