Ecclestone critical: "It's not really a championship this year"

28-05-2020 20:29 | Updated: 28-05-2020 20:54
by Editorial Team
Ecclestone critical: It's not really a championship this year

Bernie Ecclestone has frequently spoken about the current state of affairs in recent times. For example, he has repeatedly indicated that in his opinion it would be better to cancel the 2020 championship altogether. He also let it be known that the current championship is fully sailing on hope and that it could collapse like a house of cards.

Less value

That's not all. According to the former F1-owner, this championship would also be of less value, because it is so strangely decorated. "It's a funny championship, isn't it? You have the Austrian Grand Prix and a week later the same, but it's called different," he says at the Standard. Something that should be, because with the pandemic, shaping the calendar has proved to be a special challenge.

It is also very likely that there will be far fewer races than usual or planned. According to Ecclestone, the person who becomes champion this year will be with a title that has less value because of the stamp that will be placed on it. "If you look at the championship and someone wins, you're not sure what he's won. And people will always say it was lucky win, because it wasn't really a championship."

Now that's a bit of a short cut, because if more than fifteen races are driven there is definitely a full championship. The nuance, however, is that it is difficult to estimate whether it is achievable. Should it indeed be very few races at the end, then Ecclestone might be right.

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