Racing Point boss happy: "It offers opportunities against the top teams"

28-05-2020 14:28
Racing Point boss happy: It offers opportunities against the top teams

Now that the new financial rules will be definitively applied in 2021, the chances for the former midfield on a podium position have increased considerably. Technical director of Racing Point Andrew Green is therefore also pleased with the new revolutionary developments in Formula 1.

Racing Point has been one of the smaller teams for years. The team rises with considerably less staff and money regularly above themselves. A fourth place in the constructors championship so far as an absolute highlight. That's why it's not surprising that Green sees the future of his racing stable as bright. Because of the budget ceiling they don't have to invest any more to narrow the gap with the top teams. With a limited amount, the gap between the three top teams and the rest of the field is automatically reduced.

"A small and efficient team is rewarded with the new regulations and that is our strong point. As far as the financial aspect of the new rules is concerned, that will work to our advantage". But will this bring them closer to the top teams, and closer to the podium? "It definitely gives us the chance to compete with the current three big teams because they won't be bigger anymore. They will come closer to our level", is the conviction of the director.

From 2021 onwards it will gradually reduce the maximum cost per season to a final amount of around 130 million.

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