Gasly finally home after two months in Dubai: ''Got stronger''

28-05-2020 12:42
Gasly finally home after two months in Dubai: ''Got stronger''

While most drivers have currently picked up their training programme from home to be ready for the start of the season, Pierre Gasly has only just returned home after a period of two months in Dubai.

Gasly trapped

Immediately after the Australian Grand Prix was cancelled the driver of AlphaTauri flew on to Dubai. Gasly lives in Italy himself, but shortly after he arrived in Dubai the flights to Italy were cancelled. Instead of a trip to his family in France, Gasly decided to stay in Dubai with his trainer.

''I made that decision because I have the best facilities available in Dubai to train. That's why for two months I've had full focus on Formula 1 and I've only been training'', says Gasly to Gulf News after he returned to Italy.

Even fitter

But it was not too easy in Dubai either, because all public fitness rooms were closed off there as well. ''Next to my hotel room we got another room where we placed some fitness equipment. That way I could train six days a week. Three days I was busy with cardio and the other three with strength training''. Gasly had all the right stuff with him.

''We had treadmills, weights and everything else to stay in shape. Before that I really thought I was ready for the start of the season, but since then I've only grown stronger. At the Dubai Autodrome I was even able to go-kart for a while'', Gasly, who now first visit family in France, decides to switch back to Austria.

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