Ricciardo impatient: "I want to believe in myself and win races again''

28-05-2020 11:10
by Editorial Team
Ricciardo impatient: I want to believe in myself and win races again''

Daniel Ricciardo leaves Renault at the end of 2020 for the competitor McLaren. A spicy changeover, since Ricciardo still chose Renault over McLaren when he left Red Bull Racing in 2019.

Lack of trust

One year later, however, confidence in the Renault project has already disappeared. If you choose to take a step aside from the competition before just one race, you've seen little at the factory in a year that gives you confidence about the future. Ricciardo wants to win again and with all the top teams with a clear number one, the Australian has to guess which team can join the top.

''Of course I'm not the most patient person ever, because I believe I can win races and I don't want to deny myself that for too long. It's been two years since my last victory in Monaco and I want that good feeling back. However, sometimes you have to be patient, because not all 20 seats in F1 are good enough for a win," says Ricciardo in conversation with Autocar.

At McLaren to the top?

So in 2021 Ricciardo will make the switch to McLaren, which will make the switch to Mercedes engines for that season. However, with the current regulations still in force, the question is whether McLaren can already make the step to the top or whether it will have to wait until the new regulations in 2022. Either way, Ricciardo will have to be patient.

''I was looking forward to Melbourne to see what kind of step the team had made in the winter, but we'll have to wait now. I'll be on the podium someday, I'm sure. With Renault we'll still be rid of the victories. We've made steps, but you need a big step to get to the top. We've made small steps, but we're not there yet'', Ricciardo concludes.

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