Gasly will soon also compete in virtual Grands Prix

26-05-2020 20:27
Gasly will soon also compete in virtual Grands Prix

More and more Formula 1 drivers have ventured into sim racing and the group continues to grow now that Pierre Gasly has also announced its intention to join. However, Gasly won't get in from one day to the next just like that, first he wants to train well so he can come along with the rest.

Correct material

Gasly hasn't competed in virtual Grands Prix before because he didn't have the right material. That is no longer the case, SoyMotor writes. Gasly is going to practice extensively in the coming period to find his way in the simgames. When he feels ready, he will join in.

He will then participate in the races in which Norris, Russel, Giovinazzi, Albon, Latifi and Leclerc also participate. In this way, the virtual grid will get more and more real drivers taking part in the races. Given that the races take place once every two weeks, this would theoretically mean that three more races will follow before the start of the season in Austria.

According to this theory, Gasly has enough time to at least participate in one or two races.

No interest

For those who wonder why Max Verstappen does not participate in the virtual Grand Prix with F1 2019: the game is not realistic enough. Romain Grosjean also mentions that as a reason not to participate. Furthermore, Kvyat and Raikkonen have indicated that they don't like it, so the chance that we will see them is very minimal. Same goes for Lewis Hamilton who doesn't feel much for it either.

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