Abiteboul again pleads for a salary cap: "We need to get this under control"

26-05-2020 19:38
by Editorial Team
Abiteboul again pleads for a salary cap: We need to get this under control

The first step to reduce the costs of Formula 1 has now been taken with the introduction of a budget cap as of 2021. Another way to save on costs could be a salary cap for drivers. Renault's team boss Cyril Abiteboul recently opted for this and is now repeating it. Now is the time to take a look at that.

Corona crisis

The corona crisis creates all kinds of unique situations and one thing many companies have in common is that they have to cut spending. This is possible in all sorts of areas, but it would be unjustifiable to continue paying high salaries to drivers while team members are being fired in the meantime.

The current world situation has created a new reality and that's why people should collectively look at what can be done with the salaries. This is what Cyril Abiteboul of Renault says in conversation with Motorsport.com. "A number of teams will have to lay off hundreds of people. To do that on the one hand and to see an increase in driver costs on the other hand, I think that's unfair."

"That's not fair and doing nothing, that would really be a missed opportunity in my opinion", which emphasizes Abiteboul that this should be looked at seriously. There are plenty of other sports in which this occurs, because everyone will have to make some concessions now. In any case, Abiteboul has thrown up a ball and now he hopes that something will really happen with it.

"We will have to get this under control, that happens in other sports as well. At least now they are talking about it and hopefully we will be listened to". By re-emphasizing this, Abiteboul keeps throwing this subject into the media and now the question is whether it will actually lead anywhere. The other day we already announced that Helmut Marko of Red Bull Racing agrees with Abiteboul on this matter.

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