Piero Ferrari: 'No driver is bigger than the Ferrari team'

26-05-2020 18:27
by Editorial Team
Piero Ferrari: 'No driver is bigger than the Ferrari team'

Sebastian Vettel was Ferrari's first driver, but Charles Leclerc managed to place himself at the same level last year. Earlier we wrote that this could create interesting situations in the coming season, also because Vettel doesn't really have anything more to lose. The son of Enzo Ferrari, Piero, also expects that it will be a difficult year.


"We have a young driver who is a symbol of hope and enthusiasm", says Ferrari about Charles Leclerc in conversation with the Italian newspaper Il Resto del Carlino, "I'm very optimistic about him." But according to Ferrari, team boss Mattia Binotto will have a big job to do in the future.

"As far as Sebastian Vettel is concerned, team boss Mattia Binotto will have to manage a situation that is clearly difficult and exceptional. This is because Vettel will leave us at the end of the season. I don't know how my father would have handled it, but he always said: "No employee is bigger than the team, not even the best driver."

In other words: Binotto has to give both drivers equal chances and neither of them has to lead. Whether that actually works out well is of course the question, because last year the two met several times on the track and that didn't always end well.

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