Maldonado: "Will Vettel respect team orders?"

26-05-2020 14:57
Maldonado: Will Vettel respect team orders?

The announcement that Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari came as a shock a few weeks back. A lot has happened since then and many people have had their say, especially about what Vettel can do. At the same time, the German will finish one more season in front of the Italian race stable and that could create interesting situations.


That things didn't always run smoothly between Vettel and Leclerc, we saw several times last year. Leclerc has made his position within the team clear and Vettel will not give up just like that. The question raised by former driver Pastor Maldonado is therefore interesting, because will Vettel stick to the 'rules'?

"Last year we saw problems between the two drivers. Who guarantees they won't be there this year if Vettel already knows where he's going?", quotes Marca, "Will Vettel respect the team's orders? We don't know. I wouldn't." And if Vettel does indeed go his own way, then that may cause fireworks.

Maldonado also states that it can have an influence on the team in a general sense. "That could be a big weakness for the team. It was last year. If this season resumes, it's going to be a difficult time for both of us. Because the announcement is made, so how are you going to run that way? And, likewise, the team towards the driver. It's difficult, let's hope he has a better future."

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