Vettel can strike out another team before 2021: "I can't pay him''

26-05-2020 11:03
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Vettel can strike out another team before 2021: I can't pay him''

Sebastian Vettel has already announced his departure from Ferrari at the end of 2020, increasing speculation about his chances with other teams. However, there is a team that can strip Vettel from the list.

Vettel seems to have the greatest chance of getting a seat at Mercedes or Renault, but the question is whether the teams and also Vettel have a need for this. In any case, the German doesn't seem to intend to join a smaller team that can't win. Günther Steiner has also confirmed this, just to be on the safe side.

Vettel not to Haas

''I can't pay Sebastian and I honestly don't think Sebastian, as a four-time world champion, wants to ride for a medal as well. If you have had such a successful career, you don't want to risk it with Haas. I have a good relationship with him, but I haven't offered him a seat for 2021. I think someone else with a bigger wallet will,'' says Steiner to Sky Sports.

Where Kimi Raikkonen can drive around Alfa Romeo for a few more years, that doesn't seem to be the case for Vettel. The German has put everything aside for years to achieve his goals and now that his Ferrari dream has burst, it is doubtful if he would like to stay longer in Formula 1 if there is no top seat available for him.

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