New teams, but no new engine suppliers in Formula 1 from 2022 onwards

26-05-2020 07:19
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New teams, but no new engine suppliers in Formula 1 from 2022 onwards

Formula 1 will move to new regulations from 2022 onwards, which immediately raises the question of whether new teams will appear on the grid. However, the lack of a new engine regulation seems to prevent this.

New rules too late

From 2022, the F1 cars will change radically with the new regulations drawn up by the Ross Brawn team. With this new set of rules it was also a goal to attract more participants to the sport, but with the motorcycle regulations still fixed until 2025, this seems an impossible task for new motorcycle suppliers.

''The investments that you have to make as an engine manufacturer are far too big now. It's something that current engine manufacturers won't even think about now, because today's V6 engines are more advanced than ever built," says David Richards, who used to run BAR and Benetton.

No new engine suppliers

In recent years it was mainly the names of Cosworth and Aston Martin that have been linked to Formula 1 as potential new engine suppliers in F1, but according to the current president of the British motorsport federation this is not going to happen. ''Not with the regulations that are there now," concludes Richards versus

So from 2022 new teams will be able to enter, but they will use existing engines of Honda, Mercedes, Renault or Ferrari. A manufacturer doesn't seem to be getting in quickly now and with new regulations only in 2025, is the question if you still want to get in if you have missed three years of development with the new regulations of the cars?

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