Brundle: ''Renault can better invest that 25 million euros in the plant''

26-05-2020 07:01
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Brundle: ''Renault can better invest that 25 million euros in the plant''

The driver carousel in Formula 1 started early in 2020. Even before the start of the season in 2020, some drivers already know that they will change seats in 2021. However, not every team is eager to close the deals right now.

What does Mercedes do?

In a new video from Sky Sports Craig Slater and Martin Brundle talk about the contract situations in Formula 1. Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari, Carlos Sainz takes that spot and Daniel Ricciardo takes the place of Sainz at McLaren. However, who is going to Renault and what to do with the lineup of Mercedes?

''Mercedes postpones making the line-up until sometime during the season. They first want to see how that unfolds. That's why Valtteri Bottas and his management will look outside the door to see what the state of affairs is with other teams. Mercedes says to look internally, so George Russell is also an option'', says Slater in the video.

Investment of Renault

Besides Mercedes there is also room for Renault for 2021. The French race stable saw Ricciardo leave for McLaren and now has to look for a new leader. With that Fernando Alonso and Vettel are the names that come forward the most, but does Renault have to invest so much in a new driver?

''We have to remember that Renault is a factory team, so Vettel could certainly consider that. However, if I were Renault I would choose a young talent besides Ocon. Maybe Russell will be available for 2021. What matters now is the future, and those young drivers are important in that. So Renault better invest 25 million in the infrastructure, so they can build a car that is faster'', concludes Brundle.

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