Silverstone director: "We can also organize races in August"

25-05-2020 15:03 | Updated: 25-05-2020 15:36
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Silverstone director: We can also organize races in August

The British Grand Prix is in great danger this year, especially since the British government announced new set corona measures. Circuit director Stuart Pringle a healthy dose of optimism that the race will still go on.

Space on Silverstone's calendar

Pringle has joined Sky Sports F1 to tell if the British GP still has a chance this year. Asked about if Silverstone can keep their spot on the F1 calendar, Pringle says: "We’ve got a bit more space than i’d like, ideally in the calendar. Because we had a lot of bookings dropping in and out."

"Of course this is a knock on the national motorsport and down to club level", Pringle continues. "So actually I’ve got flexibility in the calendar. Of course we’ve got our original dates in june and july and we’ve got a degree of flexibility through august as well."

Finding a new date

Pringle says that finding a date for the races is not such a problem, the biggest problem is getting the green light from the government. He also says that there will be a lot less planning in advance because there will be no fans present at the event.

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