Where else can Vettel go? "Aston Martin is a good option for him''

25-05-2020 11:29 | Updated: 25-05-2020 11:48
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Where else can Vettel go? Aston Martin is a good option for him''

The rumours surrounding Sebastian Vettel are taking on ever greater proportions. Since the announced departure of the German at Ferrari at the end of 2020, there are several sources and prominent people who think they know where the German will go.

Only a top team

Vettel will still be active for Ferrari in 2020, but where the German will drive in 2021 is as yet unknown. In fact, it is still unknown whether the four-time world champion will be active in Formula 1 in 2021. Retirement seems to be one of the options for the Ferrari driver.

For example, Helmut Marko thinks that the German will only stay in Formula 1 if he has a place in a top team. At Ferrari Vettel has to leave and at Red Bull Racing there is no place. Mercedes remains, but how realistic is the chance that the team will opt for a lineup with two world champions. After Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton as a duo Mercedes will now know better.

The options are running out

However, the German RTL commentator Florian Koning thinks Vettel is taking another step. ''Of course there's a good chance that Vettel will drive for Aston Martin in 2021," says the commentator. However, Aston Martin itself has indicated that Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez will still be the drivers in 2021.

Renault is an option for Vettel, but according to Marko, Vettel only wants a place on a team where he can win. At Renault this is not yet the case and with the uncertain future it is questionable whether Renault will compete for victories in the near future. This seems to dry up Vettel's options and his retirement is approaching.

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