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Glock: Sainz also has good connections with Todt, which certainly helped

Glock: "Sainz also has good connections with Todt, which certainly helped"

24-05-2020 12:42


It had long been clear that Sebastian Vettel was not going to drive for Ferrari after 2020. That's what Timo Glock, former F1 driver and friend of Vettel, thinks. Glock already saw in mid-2019 that the marriage between Vettel and Ferrari was over, he reveals in the podcast Starting Grid. The German driver explains what he saw and that he already knew that Carlos Sainz would be Vettel's replacement.

At the Italian Grand Prix in 2019 Charles Leclerc won, while Vettel had a dramatic weekend. "In my eyes, Monza was the beginning of the end for him. In Russia there was continuous discussion on the radio and we don't even have to talk about Brazil, that was of course a problem too". All these misunderstandings led to Vettel leaving Ferrari.

Sainz has good contact with Todt

The contract extension of Leclerc already showed that the days of Vettel at Ferrari were over. With an extra five years, Leclerc showed that he intends to stay at Ferrari for a long time. The Todt family also had a big influence on Ferrari's line-up. Leclerc is led by Nicolas Todt, son of Jean Todt, former team boss at Ferrari. Sainz who also has his connections with Todt.

"Carlos Sainz has a good relationship with the Todt family, they know each other well. I think that a way has been found to get the situation contractually quickly". So the future Ferrari drivers both have good contacts with the Todt family in their own way. Glock is still unclear about the future of Vettel. "If you read the words in the press release, you can conclude that at the moment he likes to be at home, who knows that influenced his choice".

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