Verstappen looks back: ''Marko was angry with me and I was very ashamed''

23-05-2020 07:42
by Editorial Team
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Verstappen looks back: ''Marko was angry with me and I was very ashamed''

Max Verstappen has been at home for a long time and is mainly dependent on sim racing. However, it won't be long before the Dutchman will finally be able to get back into a Formula 1 car in July, if it all comes to that.

''At the beginning of June, our team will get back to work in the factory. I'll have to see how my SIM days are going and if I can just go into the country. Now we talk to each other via Zoom. Once we even sat in one meeting with all the staff, so then there were just 800 people online'', says Verstappen in an interview with

Verstappen enjoys his team

Max can't wait to get started again after the long stop. ''I enjoy being with the team. Of course we have a great crew, who are also great with pit stops, for example. The fact that we have the world record there is of course very impressive'', says Verstappen, who also looks back on an embarrassing moment in the interview.

''Austin 2016 was the worst. Then my engineer let me know that it went well and I was in fourth place. He told me to push and I assumed there had to be a pit stop, but that wasn't the case. Then I thought 'what on earth have I done'. Marko was angry with me afterwards and I admitted my mistake. I didn't have much else to say, because it was pretty embarrassing'', concludes Verstappen.

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