Horner: "We couldn't quite get rid of that new rule"

22-05-2020 18:12
by GPblog.com
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Horner: We couldn't quite get rid of that new rule

The new handicap on the aerodynamic development of Formula 1 cars will have a significant impact when it comes into effect, says Red Bull Racing team boss Christian Horner.

Voting on new rules

Teams should be allowed to vote on a series of rule changes today. These will include the reduced budget ceiling of $145 million. A special rule is a sliding scale of aerodynamic developments, in which the team that ended up at the bottom of the constructors gets the most time to make changes and the winner gets the least time.

Displeasure of Horner

Christian Horner stated in an interview with The Race that he 'is not a big fan of the handicap race'. "We have a budget cap and now we also have this sliding scale on the ATR", says Horner.

“Thankfully, while we weren’t able to get rid of it in its entirety, it has been adjusted so that it’s a linear line between first and 10th, rather than isolating the first three, and more time being available from fourth onwards", says Horner.

"It's what it is, we'll see how it works and what effect it has. It could be quite significant in a year of new regulations that are totally removed from what we currently have", adds Horner.

Safeguarding clause

Unanimous support will be required to implement the rule change immediately, unless FIA makes use of a new safeguarding clause. In that case, FIA may argue that the rule change is essential for the continued existence of Formula 1. In that case, a majority will be sufficient.

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