Todt: "Vettel is someone who can become a champion in the right car"

22-05-2020 12:23 | Updated: 22-05-2020 14:07
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Todt: Vettel is someone who can become a champion in the right car

A lot is said and written about Sebastian Vettel, in both positive and negative sense. Jean Todt, the current FIA president and former Ferrari team boss, openly supports the German. According to the Frenchman, Vettel is one of the greatest talents of the sport. He can certainly become a champion, provided he has the right equipment.

Win championships

At Sky Sports, Todt reacts to the announced departure of Vettel at the Italian race stable, which the Frenchman knows all too well. "We have to be more positive. Sebastian is one of the great talents of motorsport. There has been an announcement that he will not drive for his team after 2020, but there are still many opportunities".

What Vettel is going to do is also a mystery to Todt, but he wishes him all the best and emphasizes that Vettel really is a champion. "We can only wish him the best and whoever signs him will be very happy. He is one of the drivers who, with the right car, can win championships."

Cooperation at Ferrari

The collaboration between Vettel and Ferrari did not lead to the desired result, despite the fact that the driver was really competitive on several occasions. Yet this always comes with more than just the driver or the team to blame. Todt knows this better than anyone, who has worked a lot with Michael Schumacher.

"The result, good or bad, always has an explanation. With Michael the whole Ferrari team succeeded because there was unity. We trusted each other, especially in bad times." Todt goes no further into the relationship between Vettel and Ferrari, but indirectly he seems to suggest that the chemistry that Schumacher had with Ferrari was a little lacking in the relationship between Vettel and Ferrari.

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