Verstappen about sim racing: "It keeps me mentally sharp"

20-05-2020 19:14 | Updated: 20-05-2020 19:17
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Verstappen about sim racing: It keeps me mentally sharp

For F1 drivers this period is a difficult one. At a time when it was expected that there would be a lot of racing, everything is at a standstill because of the coronavirus. Max Verstappen is now also obliged to be in his accommodation in Monaco. However, the Dutchman has managed to spend his spare time well, due to the many sim races that the driver of Red Bull Racing does again. In a conversation with David Coulthard on Puma's Instagram account Verstappen talks about the current period.

"I don't mind being home all the time. During an F1 season I like to return to my apartment. It's cozy here", lets Verstappen know. "I have to admit that the past few weeks have been a bit boring. I spent most of my time behind the simulator and went to see what Netflix has to offer. It is now very nice that we can go outside again, especially with the training". 

Important to stay fit

For the Dutchman it is important that he stays healthy and that he doesn't gain too much weight. "I'm on the scales every day. I arrive quickly if I eat or drink the wrong way, I have to be careful", Verstappen admits. Luckily he has no trouble keeping fit. "I always want to be as prepared as possible, so that I don't restrict myself physically while racing."

The good preparation that Verstappen wants is also an explanation for the many simracing he does. "I just think it keeps me mentally sharp. When I'm qualifying in the simulator, the pressure is just as great as in real racing. The simulators are very realistic now". Finally, Verstappen also thinks that we just have to wait until there is racing again in Formula 1. "There is nothing to do about this mandatory break. You just have to accept it and make the best of it."

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