FIA targets 100 percent sustainable F1 fuel by 2023

20-05-2020 13:28
by Editorial Team
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FIA targets 100 percent sustainable F1 fuel by 2023

Formula 1 is supposed to be completely CO2 neutral by 2030, but that will take some time. In the meantime, developments are already underway and one of the big steps is sustainable fuel, which should be introduced from 2023 onwards. This development is progressing steadily, which is why people want to start testing soon.

Sustainable fuel

The goal is 100 percent sustainable fuel from 2023 and the steps are being taken now. FIA engine boss Gilles Simon tells Auto, Motor und Sport: "When we demonstrate sustainability in the development of fuels and efficient drives, we send two messages. We're doing something with our sport and we're opening up new avenues".

In 2022, 20% biomass will be added to the fuel as an intermediate step, and one year later the goal should be achieved. However, the producers of the fuels are still somewhat sceptical and are looking at two options: fuel based on biological waste and synthetic fuel based on hydrogen and carbon.

"If we make sensible technical proposals to them, we should be able to convince them. All four engine manufacturers active in Formula 1 have assured us that they will go along with this approach if we can demonstrate that it is possible". As a result, the FIA's aim is to prove that their ambitions are achievable, which is why they want to start testing with new fuels now.

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