Hamilton thinks back, "He was always trying to get more out of people''

20-05-2020 08:59
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Hamilton thinks back, He was always trying to get more out of people''

It's been a year since Niki Lauda died of lung failure, but people will never forget Niki. Lewis Hamilton has retrieved his memories of Lauda in a new video from Mercedes.

"Perhaps the best memory I have is my first conversation with Niki. We started talking somewhere in 2012 and the fact that he called me to come to Mercedes was already very special. We had a lot of conversations and the confidence you get from such a great champion is special of course," says Hamilton.

Hamilton doubts

Hamilton, however, was not immediately convinced. ''At first I felt he didn't like me as much as a driver, but when we were in Singapore together we had a good talk and suddenly Niki thought 'he looks a lot more like me than I thought'. Maybe he was too quick to judge me himself.''

A week after the famous conversation in Singapore, Hamilton announced that he would leave McLaren for Mercedes and only really came to work with Niki. The two grew closer and closer to each other and became more and more respectful of each other. Hamilton still has a lot to gain from his lessons.

Lessons from Niki

"He was always trying to see how we could improve things. After a good performance he took his hat off to me, but after the race he immediately asked what could be improved and what I needed. He was always on the hunt for more and I learned to do the same. As a driver you work together with your team, but as a driver you have to give direction to that team''.

Hamilton concludes with a word of thanks.'' I am very grateful for everything Niki has taught me and how I can get more out of myself and the people around me every day. I am very grateful for the opportunity he has given me and I will always love him'', concludes the six-time world champion.

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