Button believes nothing of Alonso rumors: ''Renault is not an option''

19-05-2020 12:41 | Updated: 19-05-2020 14:45
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Button believes nothing of Alonso rumors: ''Renault is not an option''

In a new episode of the F1 Show of Sky Sports, Jenson Button has spoken about the chance that Fernando Alonso makes a move to Renault. Is the Spaniard really an option for the French team?

''No, is my short answer'', Button is immediately clear in the new video of Sky Sports. ''Surely, its  been a long time back that we have two multiple Formula 1 champions looking for a seat in Formula 1 and the chances that they get one are low. This is really a new situation as far as I'm concerned,'' Button summarizes the contract situation of Sebastian Vettel and Alonso.

Alonso not to Renault

''If Renault could compete for podiums or victories in 2021 or 2022, Alonso would take that step, but if I'm honest it's just going to take another four years. Alonso doesn't have that time. Fernando is a driver who goes 100 percent for every chance, but then he wats  to have the car for it," says Alonso's former teammate.

According to Button, Renault is not a realistic option for Alonso. ''I would understand a team from the top three, but Renault is not the best option. He hasn't lost his speed, but he's not going to build another team to the top'', concludes the world champion of 2009.

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