Verstappen to the rescue: "You need to know where to brake first''

19-05-2020 06:55
by Editorial Team
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Verstappen to the rescue: You need to know where to brake first''

Kai Lenny invited Max Verstappen on Monday night for a live conversation on Instagram. The golfsurfer wanted some tips about sim racing and if there is anyone  who knows something about simracing, of course it's the Dutchman.

Lenny drove a lap around the Monaco circuit in his simulator in the F1 2019 game of Codemasters. Not the most popular game of Verstappen, but still he wanted to give Lenny a hand. In the lap over Monaco he saw some things that could be done even better.

The help of Verstappen

''In the end, it's all about knowing at what point you can brake at maximum. If you know that point, half of it's already done. Then all you have to do is steer and get back on the gas on time. If you're braking in the curve, then you're probably braking too early'', says Verstappen in the stream.

Lenny himself was very happy with the tips from Verstappen, because soon he will start in the sim to take part in a race. According to Verstappen it wasn't very difficult in the end in Monaco, because if you just have to make sure you start at the front, you don't have to overtake. But that's easier said than done of course.

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