"If Binotto wants a good atmosphere in the team, he's picked the wrong person."

18-05-2020 15:43
by GPblog.com
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If Binotto wants a good atmosphere in the team, he's picked the wrong person.

The departure of Sebastian Vettel and the arrival of Carlos Sainz is almost a week later still the talk of the day in the world of Formula 1. Thus, Jenson Button has his doubts about the motivations of this decision of Ferrari and the moment at which it was taken.

According to the world champion of 2009, Ferrari shouldn't think that with Sainz they have brought in a driver who will be second driver next to Charles Leclerc. According to Button, this is not at all in the character of the Spaniard, who in his time alongside Max Verstappen at Toro Rosso also showed that he can also fight a psychological battle.

"If Binotto chose Carlos because he thinks he's a good rdriver, but won't challenge Charles, then he's making a mistake", Button says in the Sky Sports F1 vodcast. "He [Sainz] is a winner, just like his father. He wants to get the best out of it and become a champion. He's chosen the wrong person if he wants a good atmosphere on the team."

Maybe Vettel had won four or five races by now

Button doesn't like the moment when Ferrari (and by extension McLaren) already make a choice for their drivers duo for next year. Their hand may be overplayed by the circumstances, but if the season had just started, they might have made a different choice.

"We'll have to wait and see how it goes. It's just a strange period at the moment. We haven't seen a Formula 1 car on the track for months and to make driver choices now is very unusual. Normally you do that halfway through a season, because then you can see how someone is performing during that year. Vettel could have won four or five races by now and then I think they would have made a very different decision".

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