Coulthard: "Would be a mistake for Mercedes to bring in Vettel"

16-05-2020 11:50
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Coulthard: Would be a mistake for Mercedes to bring in Vettel

Now that Carlos Sainz has been confirmed at Ferrari, it is also definitively over with the rumors that Lewis Hamilton would go that way. Now the question is precisely whether Sebastian Vettel could perhaps start at Mercedes. If it is up to David Coulthard in any case not.

According to Coulthard, a transfer to Ferrari would never have worked for Hamilton. The six-time world champion has been driving Mercedes engines in British teams all his life. He's in place there and not at Ferrari. According to him it would therefore not be logical for Mercedes to bring in Vettel, because that would only disrupt the relationship with Hamilton.

'I think that would be a mistake for Mercedes,' he said to the Daily Mail. 'In Lewis, they've got someone who can win Grands Prix and Championships. 'If you look at these exceptional performances in sport, serial winners, I don't think he needs the friction of a four-time world champion to get the best out of him. I think Vettel could be disruptive to the team.

Ayrton Senna once wanted to drive for the dominant Williams so badly that he offered to do so for free, according to Coulthard that would now be Vettel's only hope. "I think that if he offered his services for no money then of course the Mercedes board would have to look at it seriously, to have a German driver in the team, but I just can't imagine he would."

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