Horner doesn't give up on ideas: "This approach works well in MotoGP"

11-05-2020 20:34 | Updated: 12-05-2020 09:56
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Horner doesn't give up on ideas: This approach works well in MotoGP

Reducing costs is more important than ever within Formula 1. Many teams are in trouble because of the corona crisis. However, opinions on how to tackle this are divided. In his column on redbull.com Christian Horner once again advocates the idea of customer cars.

The teams agreed early this month that a further lowering of the budgetcap is the best option to reduce costs. Horner, as Red Bull Racing's team boss, has already indicated that he does not think this regulation can be carefully enforced and sees customer cars for the shorter term as a pragmatic solution. According to the Brit, the easiest way to reduce costs is to reduce the car's own development.

"If the main target of a cost cap is about being competitive and helping the smaller teams, especially as we come through the current crisis, then I would be fully open to selling our cars at the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi. Teams spend fortunes during the winter copying others, why not just give them the opportunity to buy last year’s car?"

Because the teams with the customer chassis are more competitive, they also earn more money and may be able to develop more themselves in the future. The fact that this would not fit in with the DNA of the sport, Horner waved away, because 'times change' and 'this approach works well in MotoGP'.

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