Rosberg: "Maybe I'll talk about that in ten or twenty years"

10-05-2020 15:22
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Rosberg: Maybe I'll talk about that in ten or twenty years

Nico Rosberg discusses his experiences with David Coulthard about what it's like to be the teammate of the best drivers out there. Rosberg, who became world champion in 2016, raced together with Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton.


Schumacher came back after a three-year sabbatical and Rosberg showed in 2010 to 2012 that he was a lot faster. Schumacher retired after 2012 and then another greatness awaited: Lewis Hamilton. A driver who knows Rosberg well from his younger years.

The arrival of Hamilton

“I conquered the most difficult guy out there and then they say: Lewis Hamilton is incoming", Rosberg told F1 Unscripted. "With Lewis coming it wasn’t any negativity in my mind. He was the world champion. And with him arriving I only had one F1-win. But I took it on.”

“In 2013 it was really easygoing since we weren’t fighting for race wins", Rosberg says. "We used to be best friends, so that was a decent start. But when we started 2014 that’s when you noticed, because you’re fighting for race wins and championships. There is so much at stake. Both of us dreamt about winning the championship with Mercedes.”

“it’s so big. So you start to make compromises and the friendship got compromised for winning races. There are stil lso many untold stories. Maybe in ten, twenty or thirty years we will start speaking of those”, ends Rosberg.

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