"If we want to fight, we have to take advantage of other people's mistakes"

09-05-2020 15:21
by Editorial Team
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If we want to fight, we have to take advantage of other people's mistakes

A bizarre time for the F1 drivers. The top fit athletes were ready for a demanding racing season in March but have been unable to do anything in the meantime. Although drivers have continued to train, some may appear a bit 'rusty' at the start. According to George Russell, drivers who don't normally win should take maximum advantage.

George Russell is seen as a young talent in F1. In 2018 he managed to gloriously win the F2, but due to lacking material from Williams he couldn't show much in F1 in 2019. The driver is aware that he can't show what he's worth, that's why the first races of 2020 are extra tough.

In conversation with Sky Sports F1, the Briton argues as follows: "If we will indeed only start racing in July then we will have had only three test days per driver in seven months. That is unbelievable honestly. I think that by the time we can race again everyone will be a little rusty and more mistakes will be made".

Good chances for the underdog

Not only the drivers have to look out for mistakes, but also the engineers, mechanics and team bosses. According to Russell it's especially important for a team like Williams not to make these mistakes and take advantage of other people's mistakes.

The Williams driver continues: "We need to make the most of it because I think it's the ideal time for the drivers who don't normally win races to get good results early in the season".

Racing with a cup of tea

Although Russell likes to participate in virtual races in which he competes against F1 colleagues Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc the Brit warns that it doesn't come close to the real thing. It doesn't get you anywhere in terms of preparation for the season.

"Driving through the corner at Silverstone at 300km/h, that little bit of fear and adrenaline, you don't have that at home with a cup of tea next to you," says Russell. "As a soccer player you can go outside and kick a ball. I don't know any drivers that have a circuit and an F1 car in their backyard. At least I don't."

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