Hamilton will not participate in virtual GPs: "Am I not interested in"

09-05-2020 13:11 | Updated: 09-05-2020 13:55
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Hamilton will not participate in virtual GPs: Am I not interested in

Lewis Hamilton doesn't like to start racing games. In an interview on Mercedes' Youtube channel, he says he likes gaming as a distraction, but is not interested in getting into racing simulators, such as iRacing or F1 2019.

"I play a little, but I'm not interested in those racing games. You see other drivers play it, but I don't like those games. Sony did send me a whole setup for Gran Turismo," Hamilton says. "I grew up with Gran Turismo and I really put a lot of time into it back then. I've worked a lot with them over the years, which was incredibly cool".

Other games played

Just because Hamilton isn't a fan of racing games doesn't mean he doesn't gamed at all. "I did play some Call of Duty with Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc. It's very nice that you can still have a lot of contact with others". Although Hamilton himself admits that he is a quiet person, he is also happy to call people.

"I've been facetimed a lot lately. I call a lot of people with whom I haven't had big conversations in a long time. Normally you would appen with people, but now you have to reach them in a different way," concludes Hamilton.

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