Carey acknowledges problems for promotors due to races without an audience

08-05-2020 16:36
by Editorial Team
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Carey acknowledges problems for promotors due to races without an audience

In order to start the Formula 1 season in 2020, the races will initially be held without an audience. The uncertainty about how long this will be necessary gives the different circuits that want to organize another Grand Prix this year some headaches.

Jan Lammers, director of the Dutch Grand Prix, has already informed that a race without an audience shouldn't be too expensive. Normally the circuits and the organisations of the different Grands Prix pay a considerable sum to Liberty Media for the arrival of Formula 1. They hope to earn that money back with ticket sales.

In a recent meeting with an investor on Wall Street, Chase Carey says he absolutely understands the concerns of the organizers and the circuits. "We know it can't be business as usual right now. Ticket sales are at a standstill due to uncertainty and no one will buy tickets due to that uncertainty".

Carey does not hand out gifts

He does not want to say whether he will financially support the promotors from different Grands Prix, but at least he acknowledges their situation as a serious problem. They do not have to expect too much either. "Whether it concerns teams, promoters or sponsors. We can't hand out sweets to everyone", says Carey in the same conversation.

So the calendar for 2020 will largely be designed based on these financial concerns. A Grand Prix that can cough up the normal costs without having income from ticket sales will probably have priority.

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