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Sainz responds to Ferrari rumors: Many contracts expire at the end of this year

Sainz responds to Ferrari rumors: "Many contracts expire at the end of this year"

08-05-2020 13:06


The situation with Sebastian Vettel at Ferrari is interesting, because if we can believe the rumors the contract offered would not be really 'stylish'. In addition, there is a chance that Vettel will leave the Italian race stable and any replacements mentioned are Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo. Sainz has now responded to the rumors and puts it into perspective.

Expiring contract

The contract of Carlos Sainz expires at the end of this year and so does the contract of Sebastian Vettel. So it is important for Vettel to sign a new contract on time, otherwise Ferrari can look elsewhere. The Spanish Marca writes that Ferrari could use this as a means of pressure to move Vettel in the right direction.

However, Sainz puts the rumors into perspective in a video interview with media by stating that many contracts will expire this year. That also brings with it many stories, but none of them is concrete. In conversation with Marca, however, he adds an interesting point, namely that he doesn't really care who he drives for.

He trusts in his own abilities, says the Spaniard: "Formula 1 is paralysed, nothing moves, but I trust in my ability as a driver. I took an important step last year and whether it's a McLaren, Ferrari or a Mercedes, I am able to do good things for any team."

And with this, Sainz is actually saying that he is by no means the only one in an as yet insecure situation, mentioning several teams he can come out for. In any case, he would perform well. In other words: the future is still completely unclear and time will tell us how it unfolds.

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