Brown goes into Horner's idea: "Then they might as well donate them"

05-05-2020 15:14
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Brown goes into Horner's idea: Then they might as well donate them

The top three F1 teams should offer customer cars for free, according to Zak Brown. With this proposal, the McLaren CEO responds to the proposal of Christian Horner who said last week that customer cars can be a good solution to save money.

Reducing costs

Formula 1 has been working for a long time to reduce costs, so from 2021 there will be a budget ceiling of 145 million dollars. Last week Horner came up with an idea to resell old chassis from top teams to smaller teams in order to save even more costs.

According to the Red Bull Racing team boss, this is the fastest way to become competitive in Formula 1. Zak Brown elaborates on this and thinks the top teams should donate their cars to smaller teams.

Free cars

"I would say if we went that direction - because those customer cars, a year-old car gets kind of thrown away - then I'd be advocating that they should donate those cars if they really want to", says Brown to

"There's no cost to them", says Brown. "They've got all the stuff they've done, the R&D, they have the spares, then they should give it to their customers and not charge them."

This can be an extremely good way to help smaller teams with financial problems. "And then if they really have the intention of saving money from the customer teams, give them the car", Brown ends.

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