Prost doubts Ricciardo's future: ''He wants to go to the top''

04-05-2020 13:10
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Prost doubts Ricciardo's future: ''He wants to go to the top''

Daniel Ricciardo's contract expires at the end of 2020 and it can be said that the adventure has not yet ended as Ricciardo was promised. Renault will keep the options open for 2021.

The wrong choice

Ricciardo left Red Bull Racing to go for his own chances at Renault. Within Red Bull Ricciardo felt that the team was moving more and more to Max Verstappen, so the Australian chose peanuts for his money. However, it wasn't the hoped-for top team like Ferrari or Mercedes, but a gamble.

Renault couldn't live up to expectations and even lost the battle for 'best of the rest'. That honour went to McLaren and that is precisely the team that Ricciardo had said 'no' to go to Renault. A mistake, it seems afterwards, but the question now is for everyone what Ricciardo will decide for 2021.

Where can Ricciardo go?

''The contract with Daniel expires and we have no further option on him. We have several cards in our hands, but the fact that the rules remain the same for 2021 is not to our advantage. Talks with Ricciardo have always been very positive so far and he wants to go to the top of Formula 1. On the other hand he also likes to drive with us'', Alain Prost says to Canal+.

Renault already announced something worrying at the presentation for 2020: All the balls were focused on the new rules of 2021. However, the race stable now has one problem, because those rules have been postponed and may be further postponed. It is causing internal problems at Renault, but will also make 30-year old Ricciardo think.

The question is where Ricciardo can go then. According to Prost one option is out of the question in any case. ''He's not going back to Red Bull. The team is 100 percent behind Verstappen and if Daniel goes back there, he really will end up in a dead-end alley'', Prost concludes.

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